50 PCS Type IIR 3-Ply Medical...

50 PCS Type IIR 3-Ply Medical...


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● 100% Made In Britain: Manufacturer is based in South Yorkshire, England. British made high quality medical 3-ply masks, perfect for medical uses and professional uses.
● ISO And EN Standards: Our type IIR medical masks have passed the following tests: ISO 10993, ISO 22609 and EN 14683:2019
● 98% And Higher Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE): The middle layer melt blown material protect you from the majority of bacteria in the air
● 3 Layer Protection: Non-woven Fabrics Outer Layer (Weight 30g); Intermediate Melt Blown Cloth – BFE ≥ 98% (Weight 25g); Non-woven Fabrics Inner Layer (Weight 20g)
● Breathable And Comfortable: Unisize medical face masks with adjustable nose clips are perfect for the coverage of nose and mouth.



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