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Pasta Garofalo

Garofalo Premium Italian Pasta from Naples

Garofalo is an Italian company specialising in the production of Pasta. Based in Gragnano in the province of Naples, the company was founded in 1789 when Mr. Garofalo obtained by Roya Decree the official license for making and selling ‘’well-made pasta”. Since then Garofalo pasta has been synonymous with excellence.

Today Garofalo combines artisan knowledge and modern technology in its BRC certified factory, still located in the town of Gragnano.

Garofalo makes its premium Italian pasta with only two ingredients, wheat and water.

You can’t produce excellent pasta if the best wheat is not used. We only choose wheat that, in addition to a specific gluten level, offers a particular colour, cleanliness and flavour characteristics. These are essential to give Pasta Garofalo its distinctive character.

Garofalo pasta has a rough porous surface due to the dough passing through a bronze die to form each shape, allowing the sauce to stick and absorb into the cooked pasta.

Vegan Pasta Garofalo

cooking pasta

IGP Pasta Di Gragnano

Garofalo Pasta Suitable for Vegan Diets

All Garofalo Signature Pasta is suitable for Vegan diets and does not contain any egg.

There is a reason why Garofalo pasta does not contain egg. Traditionally pasta made without the addition of egg, just using strong flour and water, was more common from Southern Italy. Garofalo has been making pasta since 1789 in Gragnano, a town near Naples in Campania in Southern Italy, and follows the traditions and does not add egg to its Signature range of pasta

Rules for Cooking Pasta

The golden rule for cooking pasta is 1, 10, 100

  • That is 1 litre of Water and 10 grams of Salt for every 100gs of Pasta.
  • This means starting with a large tall pot filled with cold water, placed on a high heat.
  • Bring the water to a fast boil and then add the salt.
  • When the water is boiling and you have added the salt, it is time to add the pasta. Never add pasta to cold water!
  • If the water is boiling well and you stir the pasta frequently whilst it cooks, there will be no need for any type of oil
  • Cook the pasta for the recommended time on the pack
  • When draining the pasta it is important to save some of the cooking water and note that the pasta does not need to be rinsed.
  • Once drained it is time to add the pasta to the ready prepared hot sauce; that way round, and not the sauce to the pasta.

Pasta Di Gragnano IGP

Famous in Italy and more recently world wide is pasta made in Gragnano, a small town in the province of Naples in Campania, making it worthy of IGP ( Indicazione Geografica Protetta) status. The IGP label specifies that the quality of the food product is directly linked to the region where it is produced, processed, or prepared.

“Pasta di Gragnano IGP” is the only dry pasta variety to be recognized by the European Commission as IGP. The label gives protection to the quality of the pasta produced by those companies that are awarded it. A product that is awarded IGP status guarantees a traditional taste as well as high quality.

Garofalo, who have been producing pasta in Gragnano since 1789 when it obtained a license from the Municipal Council for the production and sale of high quality pasta, is the largest producer of dried pasta with Pasta Di Gragnano IGP status.

GAROFALO RECIPES. Visit the Notes section on Pasta Garofalo UK Facebook page for Recipes –

Radiatori vegan Garofalo pasta

Tagliatelle Garofalo Pasta

Pacherai Garofalo pasta

Linguine Garofalo pasta

Garofalo Pasta Radiatore alla Genovese

Created by Aldo Zilli with Garofalo Radiatori pasta includes pasta and potatoes and is a tribute to the Italian frugality and talent for making something delicious out of the humblest of ingredients.

Garofalo Tagliatelle with Mushrooms, Parma Ham, Burrata Cheese & Truffle oil

Garofalo Schiaffoni (Paccheri) with Duck Ragu

Seafood Linguine with Garofalo Pasta

Created by Italian chef Aldo Zilli for Pasta Garofalo, this Seafood Lasagne is ideal for a dinner party or a celebration meal, maybe on Christmas Eve

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